21 Day FIX

  • Compatible with Excel 2003 & Up
  • Excel 2007 or Higher Recommended
  • Contains NO Macros or Visual Basic Code
  • Includes MAC Folders for MAC 2004 & MAC 2008+
  • Will NOT Work With MAC Numbers

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Excel Workout Manager



21 Day FIX®

This Highly Advanced Excel Workout Tool

Opens Up To An Easy-To-Use

Main Menu

21 Day FIX Main Menu

Master Calendar

21 Day FIX Master Calendar

Sample Working Master Calendar

Current Workout Day/Date Will Be Highlighted in Green.

X OFF Your Completed Workouts.

Your X’s for Completed Workouts, Will turn GREEN As Well.

21 Day Fix Master Calendar Completed


Photo Progress Tracker Page

Body Stats Tracker Page

21 Day FIX Measurements Tracker

08-Measurements01b21 Day FIX Measurements

Calories & Containers Calculator

Just Enter Your Weight, Select Your Sex, and It Will Automatically Calculate Your Correct Daily Container Numbers.

21 Day Fix Calories Calculator

Foods List

21 Day Fix FOODS List




Shopping List with

Food Filterering Capabilities

21 Day Fix Shopping List



21 Day Fix Filtered Shopping List



Daily Meal & Exercise Trackers

Your Correct Container Numbers Are Automatically Added To Your Daily Meal Trackers.


21 Day FIX Daily Meal & Exercise Tracker



D21 Day FIX Day 1 CompletedD.



. 21 Day FIX Day 19 Meal Tracker


21 Day FIX Meal Tracker Totals Page.






Excel Workout Tool

for the

21 Days Later Plan






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Excel Workout Tool


21 Day FIX

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